Saturday, February 24, 2018

Want to Sew Some More? Here’s How to Develop Your Hobby

Here is a  freelance contribution from Sally Writes:

Want to Sew Some More? Here’s How to Develop Your Hobby
When you sit down to sew, you may realize that there’s so much more that you could learn how to do. By now, you’ve done all the basic sewing projects: you’ve stitched patches on your daughter’s Girl Scouts vest; you’ve made stuffed fabric turkeys for Thanksgiving with the family. It’s time to develop your hobby into and learn new things about sewing—but where should you begin?
Having a hobby like sewing is a great way to enhance your life by giving you a creative outlet to personalize crafts and calm your mind after a hard day at work. Finding ways to grow your hobby and really turn it into a passion can make for many rewarding projects and a feeling that you have mastered the craft. If you are looking to develop your sewing and take it to the next level, here are three tips for your inner tailor:
Tip #1: Expand On What You Already Know
Whether you consider yourself to be a sewing extraordinaire or you are just beginning, there are many ways to expand your knowledge and skillset. Taking local sewing or stitching classes is always a great way to establish a foundation of like-minded sewing enthusiasts who can provide you will inspiration and new ideas. It may also be a wise idea to do some research. Can you identify all the parts and uses of your sewing machine? Do you know how to use a seam guide, or how to sew a knit versus a woven fabric? By learning the many sewing terms by seeking out the needed knowledge in a specialty book or magazine, you will undoubtedly become a better sewer who is well-versed in the craft lingo.
Tip #2: Experiment with Online Blogs
In addition to attending classes or sewing groups in-person, you can also consult the Internet for many more online hobby-centric forums and blogs. Surfing a site like Pinterest to discover unique ideas for sewing projects can provide you with endless hours of creative motivation. You can even learn how to make products that can be sold at craft shows, like an acorn-shaped potholder in time for the fall or cute pairs of baby shoes. Reading other sewing will also give you new ways to look at projects you may be familiar with, like simple embroidery, and spawn exciting design techniques to reimagine your established techniques.
Tip #3: Try Out a Sewing Subscription Service
A third idea to develop your sewing hobby is to test out a subscription box service, which arrives by mail continually throughout the year. These box services are particularly trendy in a range of industries, like the food and beauty industries, and it is a proven way to receive the latest and favorite consumer products. By signing up for a sewing subscription box, you can have access to new materials, patterns, and craft ideas that will come right to your doorstep. This will challenge you to utilize elements of sewing that you never have before, and many also come with a seasonal twist, which can be fun for the holidays.
By expanding your knowledge, surfing hobby blogs, and trying a subscription service, you can allow your inner sewing spirit to grow beyond your creative capacities and become a master of your hobby.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Lap or Baby Quilt Class

New Class!  Tuesdays July 11-25, 2017. Students will cut and sew their own 40" x 40" Lap/Baby Quilt. They will learn a very easy method to make a quilt entirely on a sewing machine.
Materials: Sewing machine and fabric. Detailed materials list will be sent to enrollees (approx $30).
Ages: Late teens - adults

Arts and Spirituality Center at Emmanuel Church
Bryan Education Center, 2nd fl.
1214 Wilmer Ave.
Richmond, VA 23227

Enroll Here

Monday, May 29, 2017

Arts and Spirituality Center

There is an exciting new venture in Richmond at the historic Emmanuel Episcopal Church at Brook Hill.  They are offering arts and crafts classes as well as T'ai C'hi.  The first session is June 6-June 27, 2017.  Check them out!  Space is limited and going fast!  (I'm teaching a one night sewing workshop!).

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Craft and Sewing Supplies Yard Sale

American Sewing Guild Yard Sale
May 20, 2017
9 AM – 3 PM
St Matthews Episcopal Church
1101 Forest Avenue, Richmond, VA

Special Events has been working on setting up a yard sale for our members to sell their sewing or
craft related items they no longer need.  Great time to stock up on supplies or help a beginner get started!

If you have sewing or craft items you would like to donate to our Chapter, we will have a table at
the Yard Sale to both inform the public about ASG while also selling donated items to raise
funds for our Chapter.  All funds earned from donated items will go to support our Chapter’s
activities such as Education.

We encourage everyone to come to the Yard Sale and bring a friend or family
member that enjoys creative supplies!

Sewing Machines for Children by Stitch and Sew

Finding the Best Child-Friendly Sewing Machine
Sewing is often a passion that many people want to share with their own children. There isn’t a specific age when a child can start using a sewing machine, they and you will know when the right time is. But finding the right sewing machine for them to use can make a huge difference to their sewing experience. Once they have their machine, your kids can start off sewing some relatively simple items. But if the sewing bug bites, then they could move on very quickly to all sorts of projects, from making their own clothes and bags, to quilts and soft furnishings.
There are many sewing machines on the market that are ideal for children, with some featuring different specifications that are useful for different types of projects. This guide shows you child-friendly sewing machines that will help to kick-start a lifelong passion for sewing.