Monday, April 6, 2009

Why I donate to Heifer International

This is actually related to sewing. I donate to Heifer International for several reasons. One, I've always wanted chickens and goats but realize, in my area, thats not going to happen. Two, I needed a gift for my 90+ year old grandmother, and she used to own chickens. Three, I believe in making the Earth a better place whenever possible and helping out my neighbors on the planet. Four, as with teaching sewing, a gift from Heifer International keeps on benefitting the recipients with increased self esteem, and a way of helping to support their families. H.I. focuses on community and education, ending hunger and poverty. Mental poverty ends. H.I. is improving women's status in their families and laying the ground work for self-impowerment. And lastly, yes I am 90 percent vegetarian, but I realize not everyone in the world is. I give trees, chicks (for eggs), and goats (for milk, cheese). Go to for more information.

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