Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Instead of Sewing...

So instead of sewing, I've been cleaning, organizing, and redoing the bathroom!
This is before:

Picking an inspiration piece makes it easier to choose colors etc. for a space.  My husband and I were poking around antique stores 20 years ago at least and found this ceramic peacock, broken and in a box.  It just spoke to me.  Plus it has happy times associated with it.  The paint is teal and the towel colors all coordinate with the peacock.  We already owned the towels, so the main expenses were the new ceiling exhaust fan and the paint.

Here is a mermaid my husband made out of a sheet of copper.  She got cleaned and shined up.

I removed some clutter.  Things migrate around the house and then just settle in.  It felt good to send everything back where it belonged!

I am so happy with the new color!

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