Friday, January 20, 2012

Feline Friday- Stuffed Cat

I sewed this Color Me Cat close to 10 years ago and I've made a bunch since then as gifts.  This one's ears have seen better days.  It is plain broadcloth or muslin, stuffed, about 18" tall.  I always include Crayola washable markers because they are the most reliable for washing out.  My kids love drawing on their cats and then sending them through the washer so they can do it again!  Color Me Cat is great for 2-10 year olds for playing with and drawing on; then as teenagers they can use permanent markers and get all their friends' autographs.

I sewed Color Me Cat, Jr. this morning.  He is 10" tall.  I made more pronounced ears on him too.  I just free-handed the shape- I think it adds character.  Remember to add seam allowance.  Stitch around twice to reinforce the seam.  Clip the curves to the stitching before turning.  Stuff and sew the opening shut. 

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