Friday, April 24, 2009

Sewing and Yoga

Sewing is a sedentary activity, for the most part, but there are ways to combine sewing and exercise. This bag is great for carrying my yoga mat, block, strap, drink, and knee pad. I slip my gym pass and keys in the clear front pocket and they are easy to find. Bags similar to this one are available in my shop at , or make your own simple tote. My knee pad is actually a gardening knee pad, but it works great for yoga. It doesn't slip. I just position it on my mat and it stays throughout the class. I bought this one at the drug store. I sewed the yoga pants from Silhouettes by Peggy Sagers-3 piece yoga pant #3400. Available from They were very easy and quick to sew and so comfortable to wear. They also look great for running errands after class! While I am sewing, I try to take frequent stretch breaks and remember to breathe! While I work on the computer, I often sit on an exercise ball. Its fun and makes sitting more active. I also have an exercise bike in my sewing room. When I am reading patterns or sewing magazines, I hop on the bike and pedal! Do you have any ways to keep fit and enjoy sewing?

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