Friday, June 28, 2013

Sewing a Leather Zippered Case is Not Hard

My son requested a special Explorer's Pouch to keep his tiny flashlight, compass, bandaids and pocket knives.  I had some scraps of a soft black leather that were just the right size (roughly 8"x5").  I used regular all purpose thread and a regular needle.  Leather doesn't unravel so I didn't turn under or finish any edges.  I top stitched the zipper under the leather.  A small piece folded in 1/2 forms a loop.  Sew right sides together (leave zipper open for easy turning).  I boxed the 2 lower corners by pinching them and sewing across(forming small triangles in the seam allowance).  I don't backstitch on leather and it does stretch a little, but it really isn't scary or hard to sew. 
Try your hand at a small project first. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Copying an Existing Skirt

A customer asked me to copy her favorite skirt.  First, I measure the skirt and make note of all its features such as an elastic waist and how wide the elastic should be.  I take lots of measurements and note everything.  This was an easy garment to copy because it is flat, no darts or shaping seams.

There are inseam pockets.  Lay them flat and trace around them for the pattern.

Cut 4 pocket pieces for 2 inseam pockets.

The skirt is a 4 gore design, so I traced one gore and cut it 4 times.  Remember to add seam allowance to all pieces!  I try to do similar hem allowance and top stitching as the original.  She loves the new skirt (sorry, I can't find my finished picture!).

Friday, June 21, 2013

Feline Friday- Sewing Room Floor



My sewing room floor is all painted (and my table is clear for now!).
Here is the back story and the pictures are below.

I decided to leave these because they are so cute.  I cleaned up the rest of the house though!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Easy Changes to a Skirt Pattern for a Hawaiian Border Print

This beautiful print was a gift from my sister in Hawaii.  To make a skirt out of a border print, the hem needs to be mostly straight as opposed to curved like an a-line or circle skirt.  This New Look pattern #6843 is slightly a-line, but it still works.  The print is curvy and varied so I laid the tissue pattern on top to eyeball the best placement.  I didn't even try to match the side seams because I didn't want to waste any fabric and with the lively print, I don't think it matters!

The pattern called for darts, but I used gathers instead.

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Kitchen is Finished!

I did most of the painting, my husband took down all the cabinets and painted all the hardware!
I am so happy with it.

We kept the same floor because it is only a few years old.
The walls and cabinets haven't been painted since 1992, so it was long overdue!

I love chickens, so I chose these as inspiration.

The orange board was an art assignment by my daughter.  The blank one will be covered with art by my son, soon I hope.

Chicken plates!  They were a Christmas gift and I finally got to hang them up!

The old farm table (1940's?).  I am going to paint the chairs next.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Recently Spotted on my Sewing Room Table

There really is a table under all this.  My daughter's miniature pinata for art class (it says "Joseph" on it because it is made out of his cereal box- yes, I have to label the boxes).  Painting supplies for painting the kitchen are in this mess too.

Here are 2 wooden peacock feathers I painted for the bathroom.  My husband cut them out.  Now I am working on the kitchen.  Instead of peacocks, I'm doing chickens in the kitchen.  This was not really on purpose.  It evolved out of things I already had.  Pictures soon.