Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cute Pet Pictures

Okay, so any time I post pet pictures, it pretty much means I haven't had any time to sew!  School is starting soon so I will be able to sew more.  I do actually have a project in the works.
This is Alice sleeping on the fridge.
Emma is posing with the girls.
Stripe and Cloud exploring.
More sewing soon.  I promise.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Few Random Sewing Pictures

Here is a felt mola I sewed years ago.  It is reverse applique- the top layer is teal, light green next, black and pink is the lowest layer.  It was just a sample of the technique.
This is another sample (I have a huge box full) of a button and loop treatment.  A square of fabric is folded so no raw ends show.  Tuck the loop under it and sew around the edges.  Sew a square opposite with a button on top.
I made these fabric roses to sit in a thread bowl.  Quick and easy: cut a long bias strip, fold in half and gather one long edge.  Pull up the gathering threads and roll the flower up.  Stitch and add a bottom circle.
Close up of bottom of flower.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Needle Weaving a Purse Flap

Trying to get a jump on some fall projects, I wove some scrap yarns on a wooden frame.  Then fused interfacing to the back to help it hold together. 
I added fabric and piping to make this purse flap.  It has a magnetic closing under the flap.  Pretty interesting, but I thought it needed something else.
So I added a few buttons from my collection.  The bottom two are hand made (bird is plastic, right hand one is ceramic).  The top button is an extra that came with a sweater.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pillows from a Rug

A customer brought me this gorgeous, embroidered wool rug and wanted 2 pillows made from it.  I cut it in half and picked the heavy canvas backing off.
The back has a really interesting texture.
She wanted removable inserts.  I sewed 2 stuffed pillow forms.  For the back of  the pillows, I used 2 pieces of muslin, overlapped, to form a zipper-free closure.
Here is the finished back.
The 2 finished pillows.  I love the colors!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pets on Quilts Show

This is my entry for 's Pets on Quilts Show!
Stripe, my son's rat likes hanging out on this scrappy yo-yo quilt.  I sewed it years ago.  Partly by hand, partly by machine- I couldn't seem to decide!
Here are Cloud and Stripe sharing secrets.
Stripe, up close on quilt I made inspired by a sunset. Those are applique clouds.
Not to be outdone by rats- Alice is posing on her favorite quilt.  It actually has calico cat fabric in it too!  I sewed this one using the instruction booklet in my shop

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pets on Quilts Show

Be sure and visit and see the upcoming show of Pets on Quilts!  You can enter starting Aug.7.  I will be entering and I'll post it here.

Easy Gift for a Child- "Color Me Cat"

I have sewn this cat many times for gifts.  I include washable markers.  The child can then decorate it again and again, front and back.  Just throw in the washer and dryer and it is ready for a new look!
Color Me Cat is just 2 pieces of muslin, sewn right sides together, turn right sides out and stuff!
It is really that simple.  You could use any shape.
I have found that Crayola Washable Markers wash out the best.
For older kids, include a permanent marker and it becomes an autograph cat.
My son had fun doing the sample above.