Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Secret Pocket Hangers

This is a project I meant to do back at the beginning of December, but it never got finished. The article appeared in Aug./Sept. 2009 Sew News- "Hang in There" by Kate Van Fleet. The instructions were easy to follow.

Trace the hanger and add extra for seam allowance.
The secret pocket is a separate, zippered cover.

The zipper is inserted first.

Then sew the sides, leaving the top open for the hanger to come through.

This is the finished secret pocket. The outer, pretty covering is 1" longer and does not have a zipper.

Here are some finished ones sewn from scraps I had. They would be great for traveling and at home for keeping spare cash, jewelry, and extras to complete a special outfit.


  1. Way cool. I need to try these. I love the secret pocket idea and think this would be great at home, or when traveling. Plus, perfect for gifts. Thanks for sharing insights and inspiring me to make these. Can't wait!


  2. I love these!! Great tutorial...thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi! Thank for the Tutorial! Great idea! A hug!


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