Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Sewing

It is only a few days into spring and the weather is just starting to warm up. Time to plan your spring sewing! Each season I clean out the old clothes and accessories that just aren't working anymore. They might not fit well or be too worn for me to wear. I wash winter coats and put them away. Draw up a list of activities you plan on doing (biking, work/church clothes, hanging out with the kids etc.). This year, I'll be needing a fancy dress for my high school reunion. I've been shopping sales for t-shirts, so I'm covered there. I always make sure I have a light sweater in a go-with-everything color for spring. Look at fashion ads and magazines to get an idea of whats new. Once I decide what I need (reunion dress, top to go with print skirt, etc.), then I decide which ones to sew and which ones to buy. Next I "shop" my fabric stash in case I already have fabric. Then I go shopping with my plan!

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