Monday, April 19, 2010

Bowls made of Thread!

At a recent American Sewing Guild neighborhood meeting, I learned how to do these fun bowls! So easy. You need 2 pieces of water soluble stabilizer and thread, yarn, embroidery floss etc. I used embroidery floss for my first bowl. Arrange or just drop the thread onto one piece of stabilizer. Place other piece on top creating a sandwich. Stitch all around. When satisfied, very briefly dip the bowl into warm water and drape over a bowl to dry. You don't want all the stabilizer to wash out. After a day of dripping, it is done!

I was thinking of an azalea bush when I did this with embroidery floss.

This bowl is from serger trimmings from a recent skirt. This is fast and fun. I can see kids having fun making these too. You could make a flat one to use under a vase. Thanks Rose for showing us how!

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