Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Mystery Quilt!

This Mystery Quilt is "Guilty as Charged!" by Debbie Caffrey.  For anyone not familiar, when you start a mystery quilt, you have no idea what the finished one will look like (hence, the mystery of it).  I started this back in January.  Each month I got a new set of directions.  Most of the time I was only about a month behind.  I finished it in July and we just had the big reveal party this weekend.  I was really glad I didn't know what this would look like because all the small pieces and the size of the finished quilt probably would have intimidated me.  This was the first of this type of quilt I've made.  Usually I just make them up as I go along!  The border does go all the way around, it just didn't all fit in the picture.  I chose all batiks.  Having monthly deadlines helped keep me on track.  I will hopefully bind it by January.  The last step was the hardest- putting it all together.  I really enjoyed the process and would definitely sign up to do another one!  Check out your local quilt shop to find a mystery quilt offering.  Next up: the other mystery quilts at the party!


  1. I'm making this quilt. Not as a mystery, I saw a friend's and she gave me the cutting instructions. But she can't remember which fabric is her medium dark and which is her dark. I want to make sure my outer border is my blues and my stars are green. If you can remember which is which I would greatly appreciate knowing. I love your quilt

  2. The dark is the black print on my quilt. I hope this helps. Thank you for commenting and good luck with your quilt!


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