Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Aprons from Pre-Printed Vest Panels

I recently ran across some pre-printed vest panels. I didn't think I'd wear them as vests, but maybe as aprons.   I don't have all the steps pictured here (I was in a rush to get them ready for the bazaar).  Basically, I used the vest back as the apron top and the vest fronts as the apron lower half.  I had to trim off the shoulders.  I used the same arm shape.  After trimming as needed to fit together, I sewed the 3 pieces together.  The fabric was a lightweight, so I lined the entire apron (making it reversible too!).  The photo above shows the wrong side after the lining has been sewn on (right sides together).  The ribbon ties were inserted and sewn at the same time.  I turned the whole thing right side out through a small hole I'd left open.

Then I edge stitched all the way around, closing the turning hole at the same time.

I like that they are heavy enough now to really protect your clothes.  So dig through your stash and see if you have any pre-printed panels waiting to be sewn!  Actually, I've often thought it would be cool to make something using the panel as yardage and having the directions showing too!  An interesting thought for another time...

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