Friday, March 16, 2012

Feline Friday- Patchwork Applique Cat

This week I made a patchwork applique cat.  A friend gave me a bunch of pre-cut squares (not all the same size- roughly 3"x3") that I used for this project.  I decided it didn't matter if any corners matched up (I knew they wouldn't)- it just adds to the charm!  I sewed a bunch of beige and tan together for the background and some blue ones together for the cat.

To make the applique, I cut a solid piece of fabric and placed it right sides together with the patchwork.  I sketched my cat and then sewed around the design.

Trim seams, clip curves and here it is ready to be turned right side out.  This method is much easier than trying to turn down all the edges.

Here is the finished applique.  I machine stitched around the edges.  I really like the effect of patchwork on patchwork. 

Here is a close up of the stitching.  I'm not sure what this will ultimately become- a pillow? a wall hanging? part of a larger quilt?  the front of a tote bag?  What do you think?

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