Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Free Motion Quilting Challenge

December's quilting expert is Patsy Thompson.  She instructed us in borders.  Sorry it is so hard to see in the picture.  There are several different designs.  I loved what she calls "hyper quilting"  where she will add a second color and design inside of a feather.

I added a snail to the middle.

Here is where my feathers meet in the border.  I don't think I'll be so scared of feather borders anymore.  This wraps up a year of Free Motion Quilting with experts provided by Sewcalgal.  I have really enjoyed the journey and have learned a lot!

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  1. When I enlarged the photos I could see it and I love the snail in the center! : )
    Your feathers look good. I don't know why this time they didn't seem as hard as all the other times I have tried them.


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