Friday, May 24, 2013

A Real Orchid Lei from Hawaii!

Aloha Island Lei sent me this beautiful Butterfly Orchid Lei to try!  It arrived right before Mother's Day (lovely timing!).  It was packaged with a cold pack that was still cold even though it was 86 degrees outside that day.  I followed the directions for keeping it fresh (in a bag, in the fridge) and it stayed beautiful more than 10 days.  I had a lot of fun wearing it to a dance party.  Everyone was very interested in the lei.  It was surprisingly comfortable to wear and I felt very special!  I could see giving it to honor mothers, birthdays, graduations.  For a different look they offer a Kukui Nut Lei.
Receiving this lei was fun also because I have a sister living in Hawaii and my mother, aunt, and grandparents used to live there too.  It brought back fond memories for them.
I am inspired to sew my beautiful Hawaiian fabric now.
Thank you Aloha Island Lei!

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