Saturday, May 13, 2017

Sewing Machines for Children by Stitch and Sew

Finding the Best Child-Friendly Sewing Machine
Sewing is often a passion that many people want to share with their own children. There isn’t a specific age when a child can start using a sewing machine, they and you will know when the right time is. But finding the right sewing machine for them to use can make a huge difference to their sewing experience. Once they have their machine, your kids can start off sewing some relatively simple items. But if the sewing bug bites, then they could move on very quickly to all sorts of projects, from making their own clothes and bags, to quilts and soft furnishings.
There are many sewing machines on the market that are ideal for children, with some featuring different specifications that are useful for different types of projects. This guide shows you child-friendly sewing machines that will help to kick-start a lifelong passion for sewing.

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