Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Looking Ahead to Autumn 2009

The first day of autumn. I absolutely love autumn with the changing colors and cooler weather. This time of year I always go through my cool weather clothes to see what I need for the coming season. I check for stains I hadn't noticed last year and I look for items that could do with a little work like hemming, sewing on buttons or adding something to update the style. I also try on everything. Check to see if each piece has something to go with it. I like to have skirts and pants that have at least 3 tops to wear with them. I make sure I have one wedding/dressy party outfit ready to go. I even write it down including shoes and accessories so I won't forget since I don't wear it often. I put this list in my jewelry box. Write out a shopping/sewing list for any missing pieces. This way I can be sure everything can and will be worn. This method helps me avoid Printosis (a serious condition where everything in your closet is a print and therefore won't go with anything else. I recovered from this a few years ago- so there is hope!).

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