Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How To: Sew a Zipper, Corded, Pillow Case

First, decide on the placement of the pattern if it is large like this one. Cut one piece out the size of your purchased pillow form (this is a removable pillow case).

On each corner, measure in 1/2" and trim this off, tapering to nothing in the middle. This will prevent the corners from poking out rudely. Cut out the back. You will need 2 pieces with 3/4"-1" seam allowance for the lapped zipper.
Lapped Zipper:
Turn under one edge 1/2" and sew, using a zipper foot, close to the edge.

Turn under the edge on the other back piece (3/4"-1"). Pin in place, overlapping as shown. Sew the zipper to the fabric.

Cording/Piping/Welting: I have heard it called all three.

Cut bias strips (45 degree angle so the fabric is stretchy), 2" wide, long enough to fit around your pillow with seam allowances included.

Seam the strips together to make one long strip.

Wrap the strip around purchased cotton cord. Using a zipper foot, get close to the cord.

Stitch the cord to the right side of the pillow front. Clip the fabric at the corners so it will lie flat.

When you have sewn all the way around, cut off the extra cord but not the fabric.

Turn the ends under and wrap around the fabric.

Finish sewing. The extra rows of stitching you see are because each time you sew the cord, get a little closer. The last time you sew it, it should hide the other stitches and be nice and snug.

Open the zipper part way and stitch the front and back pillow pieces right sides together. Careful sewing over the zipper.

Clip the corner seam allowances to reduce bulk.

Here is the back of the finished case with the purchased pillow form inside.

Here is the front!


  1. Cynthia,
    Nice matching of the flower on the back!!
    Saw you post this on ASG on FB.
    I am a NG in So Calif.

    Thanks for the instructions!!

  2. Thank you- I am happy with how that worked out.


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