Monday, October 19, 2009

How To: Miter Quilt Binding

This is a technique I've seen in books and workshops and only just decided to try it myself. It makes a really nice square corner on quilts, table runners, wall hanging etc.

Cut your bias strip (mine is 3" wide), fold in half wrong sides together and press. This is sometimes called a French binding. Sew to the wrong side of the quilt to within 1/2" of the corner.

Stop, cut the thread. Fold the binding to form a right angle away from the quilt.

Fold over the quilt, lining up with the edge again. This might look all wrong, but it actually works. Continue sewing until the next corner.

After sewing around whole piece, fold the binding to the front and at each corner, fold the fabric to create a miter.



I then either hand or machine stitch the binding. Makes such a nice corner!


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