Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Frog Suit

Cosmo was my dad's frog. Cosmo spent many happy years in his windshield travelling the country, but heat and sun took a toll. I threw him in the wash and his fabric just fell off. My son begged me to reconstruct him. I sewed a new mouth from felt.I inserted the mouth into a hole in the new fabric.This shows the front and back.I upholstered his head first. I touched up the eyes with a permanent marker and inserted them through holes in the fabric and sewed it around the neck. Then I sewed a new suit and secured it around his neck also. There are some wrinkles in Cosmo's new suit, but it is good enough for my son to play with. He is thrilled with Cosmo!

Here are Kermit and Cosmo sharing a laugh together.

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