Monday, March 29, 2010

Tapa Bark Cloth from Hawaii

My grandmother lived in Hawaii in 1936 and brought back this bark cloth. It is made (we think) from a coconut palm tree. It measures 71" x 49". Each "square" is 14" x 12". It is rather stiff and is starting to rip in places. I can't imagine people actually wearing it. Maybe, like linen, it would soften with age or maybe this was a wall covering.

This shows the back. Right now, I have it rolled loosely on a shelf, wrapped in a sheet. I would love to display it somehow, but I currently don't have any wall space left!

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  1. Beautiful bark cloth. How exciting that your grandmother lived in Hawaii in the 30's. I have a friend whose mother also lived in Hawaii in the 30's. What an exciting opportunity to have lived in Hawaii back then!



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