Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sweater Remakes- Laptop Cozy

 Recently, as I was cleaning up my sewing room, I came across a couple of felted wool sweaters.  Perfect for a laptop cozy!  A crew neck and a cardigan, neither one large enough for the project, so I used both.
 I just cut and sewed what seemed like the right size.  It is great using sweaters because they stretch and are very forgiving if the size isn't exact.  I added a pocket and a flap out of the cardigan sweater.  The buttons were from the cardigan also. 
 I thought buttoning and unbuttoning 5 would be tedious, so I made only 3 functional.  Since the flap is felted and won't unravel, I just stitched it on without edge finishes- super easy.
 I was on a roll, so I made sock cozies for my daughter's camera, phone and nintendo!
I made them narrower at the open end so they would be snug and not slip out.  My daughter (11yrs) just rolled her eyes at me when I showed them to her, but I know she secretly loves them!

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