Monday, June 6, 2011

New Pattern- Cabin Pillow and Quilt

I just finished up a new pattern- Cabin Pillow and Quilt
You get 8 pages of photos and instructions explaining how to make this great pillow and quilt. Instructions are in English and come straight to your e-mail so shipping is free!

I call this a Cabin design because it is based on a log cabin block. Easy to sew. Use up your scraps!

These would be great as a matching set or, like my examples, separates destined for different houses. I actually made a pair of pillows to sell but my family liked them so much I had to keep them!       

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  1. Cool! You know I don't sew. . . sigh.

    Blogger is acting up, so I'll sign this. . .
    Love, MAB


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