Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another Good Sewing Resource and Cat Pictures!

A catalogue from Connecting Threads arrived the other day.  It is beautiful and inspiring.  I haven't ordered from them before, but I did check out their website. is well worth visiting.  They have over 81 tutorials, 124 free patterns!  In Nov. they are supposed to be featuring beginner machine quilting and finishing will be in Dec.

 Emma, trying to doze.
 Sleepy Emma on top of the freezer.
Emma, caught on my watch and hat!  The whole rest of the bed was empty!

All right, back to sewing.


  1. Got my catalogue yesterday. I have ordered from them. I made my paganini quilt from them. I am waiting on my second order for my next Le petite project. Be sure to check their weekly specials that change every wednesday. This week features the Canning day collection.

  2. I enjoyed the pictures of your cats. I often wonder the same thing about my cats. why do they sleep on the one article of clothing on my bed when the rest is empty??


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