Friday, July 29, 2011

Kermit's Fashion Show circa 1977

Kermit and I go way back- when I was a budding fashion designer and he was, well, a frog.  I was 10ish when I made my beloved friend this wardrobe.  My mom found his clothes not long ago and I knew he needed a photo shoot. 
 Here he is in his birthday suit.  You can see that with his large belly and skinny legs (I say this with utmost affection), fitting was tricky.
 He is dressed for his Hawaiian vacation in shorts and a native print tunic.
 Kermit goes western (or should I say Vegas) in gold chaps and a hat.

 I molded the cardboard and then spray painted it gold.
 His floral vest (he is very secure with his masculinity), actually has a dart in the neck for fit.  I think the rickrack adds something special too.
 He has many accessories.  He enjoys wearing his suspenders and tam.
 The tam even has a fabric button sewn on top.
 Every well dressed frog needs a pair of double knit trousers.  Kermit is sporting a hand knit scarf with his.
 My grandfather wore ties all the time so Kermit has 6 ties in his collection. 
 A day at the beach anyone?  Terry cloth swim trunks make frogs everywhere green with envy!
 His vest even has pockets.
 When he goes to the spa, he is looking good in a monogrammed robe and slippers.
 Kermit, a frog of many talents, plays the bagpipes while wearing a kilt.
 Detective Kermit gives a nod to Sherlock Holmes in this coat and hat.
 That hat was not easy!

Hope you enjoyed his fashion show!

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