Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nifty Teenie Kleenie Holder

This makes a great small gift, easy to sew too!  Start with 3 pieces of fabric 6 1/4"x 4 1/4" and 2 pieces 4 1/4"x4 1/4".  Press 4 of the pieces in half (wrong sides together) as shown above.

 Layer the pieces kind of like how you might reclose a cardboard box, with all the flaps overlapping.  The striped fabric shows this.  All of the folds should point towards the middle and the raw edges should be even with the unfolded rectangle.  Right sides together.  Sew completely around the edges.

 If you like, you can use a 3"x5" piece of paper to stitch around. 

 Trim the excess off.  Then pinch the corners and stitch across as shown below.  This should create a box corner.
 Box corners as seen from the underside.  Turn right side out and slip in a tiny package of tissues.

Here are some finished holders! 

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