Friday, February 10, 2012

Feline Friday

My daughter takes an advanced 6th grade art class at school that she had to apply to be accepted.  I am very honored that she wants me to do projects with her in my own sketchbook!  So here are a few recent assignments.  Notice how I sneak cats into each one! 
The one above is a colored pencil drawing of love, hate, sadness and passion. 
Find the flame kitty that leaped into the drawing by surprise.

This assignment involved words that we then had to collage to illustrate them.  There is a cat whisker glued on the dry grass the bird is perched on and the two cuddling kitties illustrating envelope(d in an embrace) and intent (on an afternoon nap).

This needed to be a drawing of my dream house, which of course includes lots of cats- 6 to be exact.  I would love a big old Victorian house with a screened porch,
lovely garden and a big sunny sewing room! 

Working in different mediums on assignments really keeps the creative juices flowing.  It reminds me of being back in art school. 

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