Friday, June 1, 2012

Feline Friday-Why Cats Paint

I received this book years ago as a gift from my sister, who loves cats as much as I do.  95 pages exploring the theories, styles and artists themselves in fascinating detail.  The feline artists really do have very different aesthetics!  Some examples include Tiger the Spontaneous Reductionist, Smokey the Romantic Ruralist and Bootsie the Trans-Expressionist.  I am truly inspired.  I have been watching my cats very closely for any artistic expression.  Does arranging their food count?  Emma might be a Floral Reductionist because she can reduce a vase of flowers to a pile of petals.  I suppose I should look at the scratching post, otherwise known as a chair, in a whole new way.  Maybe it is Alice's work in progress!

I think they enjoy modeling for my artistic expressions (otherwise known as my fiddling around).

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