Friday, February 8, 2013

Feline Friday- Make Your Own Style Book!

My 13 year old daughter made me a magazine for my birthday!  She wrote 20 pages of articles tailored to me: Spotlight on Curly Hair, DIY Fashion, Accessorizing Like a Pro, Sensitive Skin Savers, Top Beauty Products and more!  She even put together looks out of my closet and photographed them.  One article has how to make your own look book.  I took her advice and put together 24 outfits.  Very quickly, I arranged them on my bed and took photos.  The point is to remind me of different looks (the pics don't have to be perfect-just recognizable).  We all have our favorites and when rushed to get dressed, we tend to grab those so I did not photograph everyday favorite items. I concentrated on pieces I love, but for some reason don't wear that often.  After loading the photos on the computer, I went in to edit, selected all the pictures, clicked print, contact sheet.  Easy!
Here are a few: 
I was working really fast, so this one came out blurry.  Also, technical difficulties- blogger really wants these to be sideways, because when I open them, they are right side up!

Just continue to tilt your head to the right...

It was a lot of fun.  I'm going to do a spring/summer Look Book too. 
And of course, Emma wasn't too far away-

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