Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Recently Spotted on my Sewing Room Table and other things

First the other things:
A lightweight, reversible jacket, great for spring/summer.  Cuffs can be worn up or down.  This jacket is for a customer who saw mine and wanted one.  Mine was a sample I made for a class I taught using Kwik Sew 3564.  Very easy, beginner jacket- no interfacing even.  A button can be added if desired.

My dad made me this dollhouse a long time ago and I played with it so much; I can't part with it.  My daughter has enjoyed it too.  Then it was a book case in the living room for awhile.  Now it has moved into my sewing room to hold books, rulers, pressing hams, and other sewing supplies.
Now for what was recently spotted on my sewing room table:

Besides the usual colored pencils, markers, fabric, sewing supplies and projects lined up to do, there is a bird house waiting to be hung in the yard and a mandolin in clamps.
How do I get anything done like this?  Sometimes I don't.

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