Friday, April 26, 2013

How To Make a Recycled Sewing Kit and Pin Cushion

A relative gave me a bag of these containers and said "maybe you can do something with them".  The challenge was on.  With a glue gun, fabric, stuffing and trims, you can make a pin cushion sewing kit or just a cute place to keep stuff.  Start by thoroughly cleaning and drying the container.  Remove any labels.  These containers are nice and strong and are completely clear of labels except the top.  If yours has side writing, just cover with fabric and trims.

Cut a square, or circle larger than the top.  Wrap the fabric around a nice big wad of stuffing.  I took a few stitches to hold the corners together.

Hot glue the pouffe to the lid.  I worked my way around, tucking under the raw fabric edge and gluing as I went- probably the hardest part.  Add trims around the rim to cover any glue drips.  I used trim and ribbon scraps I already had.

I have the fringe and lace facing up so it doesn't get in the way of closing the jar and
it is cute like this.  They remind me of flowers and cupcakes.

Makes a great sewing kit or place to keep jewelry. 
You could place fancy broaches and earrings in the pin cushion too.
Happy Feline Friday!

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