Friday, June 28, 2013

Sewing a Leather Zippered Case is Not Hard

My son requested a special Explorer's Pouch to keep his tiny flashlight, compass, bandaids and pocket knives.  I had some scraps of a soft black leather that were just the right size (roughly 8"x5").  I used regular all purpose thread and a regular needle.  Leather doesn't unravel so I didn't turn under or finish any edges.  I top stitched the zipper under the leather.  A small piece folded in 1/2 forms a loop.  Sew right sides together (leave zipper open for easy turning).  I boxed the 2 lower corners by pinching them and sewing across(forming small triangles in the seam allowance).  I don't backstitch on leather and it does stretch a little, but it really isn't scary or hard to sew. 
Try your hand at a small project first. 

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