Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Copying an Existing Skirt

A customer asked me to copy her favorite skirt.  First, I measure the skirt and make note of all its features such as an elastic waist and how wide the elastic should be.  I take lots of measurements and note everything.  This was an easy garment to copy because it is flat, no darts or shaping seams.

There are inseam pockets.  Lay them flat and trace around them for the pattern.

Cut 4 pocket pieces for 2 inseam pockets.

The skirt is a 4 gore design, so I traced one gore and cut it 4 times.  Remember to add seam allowance to all pieces!  I try to do similar hem allowance and top stitching as the original.  She loves the new skirt (sorry, I can't find my finished picture!).

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