Friday, June 5, 2009

Sewing Journal

It took me years of sewing before I realized that keeping a sewing journal is a great idea. My current one is shown here, but yours doesn't have to be fancy. It would work just as well if it were a plain notebook from the dollar store. I write the project, who is it for, size, pattern or book used, date and any changes I made or would suggest in the future. I include a drawing and note fabrics and colors. If I go back years later and make another one, I write it on the same page. It has really come in handy to keep track of gifts I've given. I also get a real sense of satisfaction seeing how much I actually sew! I also record knit, crochet, and craft projects I make. It is helpful when my current jeans wear out and I want to recreate them but can't remember how I changed the pattern. The other photo is of fabric swatches from clothes I've sewn. I group them by warm and cold weather clothes. I take the swatches to the store and can easily match and coordinate new projects with what I already own. It helps avoid the closet full of clothes and nothing to wear problem!

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