Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Items In Memory of...

This is just a small sampling of items possible for memorializing an event, time or a person.
The sock monkey was from my daughter's favorite socks. The sweater bird, and two pins are from grandparent's clothing, in shapes that are special to those people. Quilts that use small scraps of fabric work well also. I made a t-shirt quilt with commemorative logos all over it. A small heart shaped ornament from bridal scraps makes a nice keepsake. A Christmas stocking sewn from a red sweater, includes a loved one no longer with us. Something to remember when working with old clothes: they often have stains and holes. Repair what you can, cut around what you can't fix and realize a memory item may not take heavy wear and tear. All of my memory items have held up well except the t-shirt quilt. It lasted maybe 8 years on my bed with kids pulling on it to climb up. The well worn t-shirts started ripping so now it is a decorative quilt that gets hung on the wall from time to time. If I make another I think I will fuse knit interfacing to the back of each t-shirt square for strength.

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