Monday, May 17, 2010

Chameleon Bag with Flaps

So here is my Chameleon Bag by Shirley Adams, finished. Fully lined, inside zipper pocket and back, outside pocket. The flap is removable and the purse closes with a magnetic snap. I made it out of upholstery samples of polyester suede. It already had the stitching on it. The coconut shark pin was my great aunt's. The purse was fun to make and I've already started another flap- green needle weaving!

Here are flaps made by Shirley Adams, showing how different the can look. Techniques used include applique, bobbin work, embroidery, needle weaving, and wool felting. A great way to get lots of looks from one basic purse! (The flaps below actually go with a black purse and a denim purse, but you get the idea!)


  1. They are all lovely. Great use for ME.

    Thanks for popping by my blog. I tried to send you a reply, but your settings are as a no reply blogger.


  2. Do I need to change that setting on my blog? Thanks for commenting!


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