Monday, May 24, 2010

Crazy Quilt- Azaleas

I just finished this wall quilt (approx.36"x36").  I started out with piecing 3 large flowers, but then decided it wasn't enough.  I appliqued 3 more azaleas on top and then added beading too.  The background is all free motion machine quilting.  This will be displayed in an art show coming up, after that it might show up in my shop

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  1. Lovely design, fabrics,colors. I'm sure this art show will be delightful, simply because it has your beautiful quilt in it!

    BTW - Your settings have you as a no reply blogger. Can't remember if I have shared this. You also have a comment on your prior post, that may not translate to something you want. I've been translating before I approve and it seems we have an unwanted person posting comments on quilting blogs.


  2. These are my favorite colors. Beautiful quilt!


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