Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nice Detail by Mossimo

I always have this dilemma, sew it or buy it?  Clothes are so cheap these days that if I find something and I like everything about it- color, fit, fabric- I go ahead and buy it.  These shorts were on sale recently at Target for $12.99 each.  Picture shows inside view.  They are nice fitting, well made (2 rear welt pockets, fly front and 2 front pockets, bound seams) and I could barely make them myself for that price.  Plus they have that great pocket fabric inside (a fun way to use up scraps)!  This really annoys me because A) I feel like I should sew everything myself, B) I should be able to sew it cheaper than buying it, and C) If I'm going to buy it, it should at least be made in my country.  Oh well, I bought 3 pairs for knock around shorts.  And I love them.  Now I need to go sew something to make myself feel better.

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