Monday, July 26, 2010

Book Review: Koos Couture Collage

It is so hard to sew during the summer with my kids home, so I was rooting around in my closet and found this vest I made a few years ago.
I was inspired by "Koos Couture Collage" by Linda Chang Teufel.  Published in 2002, 107 pages of beautiful examples of clothes by Koos van der Akker. 
He does a lot of applique and bias binding, both of which can be tricky.  The leather leaf wanted to stretch while I was sewing it and going around circles with bias requires patience.

I free hand cut the leaves.  I like the challenge of using what is already in my sewing room.  Can you believe I didn't buy anything for this project?
This is the back view.  Originally, I thought I would make it reversible, but I changed my mind.  The lining is striped.

Then, a year later, I was in a thrift store and saw this Koos sweater jacket!  He sells on QVC. 

It was neat to see an original Koos in person after drooling over the pictures in the book!

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