Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kids' Crafts- Baby in a Basket and Dinner Plate

I just finished up Vacation Bible School at our church (it was great fun!).  Here are 2 projects that are incredibly easy to do at home or in a group.  Plus they don't need to have a religious aspect to them, if that doesn't suit your needs (such as a secular playgroup or birthday party).  The kids were 5-10, boys and girls, they all enjoyed making them.  Allow about 30 min.
This first one is Baby (Moses) in a Basket.
This is my example. 
With the kids, we cut the top half off a lunch bag, and rolled the sides down to form a basket.

Then roll up the handle and trim to the right size.  Staple to the basket bottom. 

The baby and blanket is a 9"x9" square of fabric.  Place several cotton balls in one corner for the head.  Wrap a pipe cleaner around the neck.

Add a face.

Decorate the baskets and "blankets" as time allows.
Everybody loved their babies and each one is delightfully different!

The Dinner Plate was about loaves and fishes, but you could really make whatever the kids wanted to.  We used newspaper for the fish, cut 2 out, staple together and stuff with bits of paper.  The bread is the same.  The greens are just flat.  They got to decorate them anyway they wanted.

Easy projects, no glue or paint that needs drying.  Plus, the kids can express themselves by how they decorate the projects!

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