Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How to Sew a Crib Bumper

 My sister chose this adorable owl fabric and then painted the wall pictures herself! 
Supplies: 4 yards fabric, batting 44"x51", 9 yards of ribbon
 For the bumper, I used the crib measurements and cut 2 fabric panels for each of the 4 sides, and then 2 quilt batting pieces for each side too.  This bumper is 11" tall.
 I layered the pieces: batting, fabric, fabric (right sides together), batting.  Sew the short ends together as shown, until you have 2 long strips each one including a short end, long side,short end, long side. 
 Add ribbon pieces in pairs (32 pieces, each 10" long) to one of the strips, on the top and bottom of the fabric strip.  Sew the two long fabric strips right sides together, leaving ends open.  Turn right side out.  Sew the end together as far as you can with the machine.  Hand stitch the rest closed.
Here it is, not in the crib.  It took roughly 3 hours.

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