Monday, March 14, 2011

Ruffles Add a Feminine Touch to Spring Fashions

Shopping recently, I saw lots of ruffles on tops and purses.  Thinking, "how can I add some to my wardrobe" I decided to update my sling bag .  Easy to do, I started with an old skirt.  Cut my pattern out.  I used a 6 3/4" plate to cut 2 ruffles
One ruffle is the size of the plate and the other uses the plate as the inside edge.  Play around with it until you get the effect you like.  I layered my ruffles on top of the purse front and basted them down.  My skirt has raw edges and seams so I decided to go with the look, but you might want to hem your ruffles.  I continued to follow my sling bag instructions and finished the purse.
I used an old belt for the strap.  The front uses the skirt pocket. 

The back of the sling bag has more raw edge detail from the skirt I used.  The fabric is linen.
A detail of the zipper showing more raw edges!

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