Friday, March 25, 2011

Sock Creatures

On a recent rainy weekend, the kids and I started making sock creatures inspired by John Murphy's Stupid Sock Creatures.   These creatures are a little tricky to sew for beginners, but they are great for exploring creativity!  I especially love the lips and creature descriptions in the book.  Such personality!
 This blue one was a collaboration with my 8 year old.  We used toddler knee-high socks.
 Love the smile!
 I made this monkey several years ago.  My 11 year old painted the ceramic monkey.
See items in memory  and other examples of  sock creatures .
My daughter sewed the middle monkey at a birthday party.  I made the other two.  I like using buttons for the eyes, but you could also make very expressive felt eyes.  It is pretty addicting.  While I'm working on one, I get ideas for the next one.  I guess it is that way with any creative project.

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