Friday, April 8, 2011

Book Review: Craft Cycle by Heidi Boyd

 In honor of Earth Day (everyday), I made a few projects from Craft Cycle by Heidi Boyd.  I love this book!  Its got innovative projects and recipes!  It is divided into seasons with tips on how to be Earth friendly.
 I decided to make a coiled basket from old t-shirt scraps (leftover from another project).  Mine isn't as large as Heidi's example in the book, but the technique is the same.
 I added a few extra bows around the rim- it seemed to need it.
 The cats approve of it.  Alice wanted to try it first, then Emma had a go, below.
 Next, I made fused plastic bags.  Instead of the tote from the book, I used the instructions and decided to add a zipper.  It was something different to try.  I had a couple of bags from when I was in England (1981?!)  Each zipper bag requires several plastic bags to start with. 

This one is really showing my age- records and tapes! 
Here is the zipper top.  These were fun projects and I will be trying out the recipes soon.  I'm looking forward to making the shoe bracelet, mittens and owl clothespin holder.  Any recycled book recommendations?


  1. I do like the zipper bags a lot!
    Do you have a pattern for them?

    Eline S.

  2. Eline, I don't have a pattern, but it was really easy! Take 2 squares/rectangles of plastic fabric and sew them to both sides of the zipper. Then with right sides together, sew the other 3 sides.

  3. I love the kitty in the fabric basket!! So cute.
    I have made these fabric baskets and I do have a kitty, I just have never combined the 2. I think I may have to make one just for my kitty now!


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