Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sewing is Earth Friendly!

I think sewing with found fabric (old sheets, clothes etc.) really boosts creativity and refashioning clothes definitely saves money and who doesn't want that?!  Whenever my fabric collection starts bursting out of the drawers, I challenge myself to only sew from my stash, no new purchases until I have room.  This goes for my closet too.  I have reached that point again.  I'm currently sewing a quilt with scraps of upholstery fabric given to me by a friend.  I can't turn down fabric!  Anyway, I have no idea what this quilt will look like, I'm making it up as I go. 

Here is a past post on sewing is Earth friendly. Share your ideas on how sewing is Earth friendly in the comments- I'd love to hear them!  I put my smallest scraps in pet beds and donate them to the animal shelter.  In this post is how to make pet pillows out of fabric scraps

PDF Sewing pattern and instructions don't require printing, here are some that have the added benefit of remaking sweaters and jeans-
Quilting can be very environmentally friendly if you are using leftovers from other projects and old clothes etc.  Here is my super easy flip quilt instructions that will make a Quilter out of anyone!  Similarly, is the very stylish sling bag.

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  1. I love taking old clothing and making them into something new!


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