Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding-Will and Kate

I was busy getting kids ready for school so I missed the vows , but tuned in to see a very happy married couple leaving the church.  William and Kate looked so relaxed as they rode off in their carriage!  My son, 8 years old, was interested to see that the choir boys were wearing the exact same ruffled neck outfit that he wears in the choir in Virginia.  My kids also remember going to Colonial Williamsburg , VA and riding in a horse drawn carriage similar (though a bit less opulent) to the one Queen Elizabeth rode in after the wedding.  I think Prince William and Princess Kate looked so elegant together- he in his Red Irish Guard uniform and her in the dress designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.  I thought the bridesmaid's dress was gorgeous, but unusual in white.  Not sure why they chose white, but it did look good.  A lot is being said about how Kate's dress is similar to Grace Kelly's dress.  Understated, elegant and timeless with a moderate train.  Princess Diana's wedding dress influenced gowns in the 80's and I expect we will see wedding gowns from today on to have the same silhouette as Kate's.  The Halo Tiara by Cartier was modest but beautiful- worn by Queen Elizabeth and her mother.

Loved all the hats and fascinators.  Some of the fascinators seem to defy gravity, perching on the side of the head- how do they do that?  I love wearing hats, but mine are usually straw summer sun hats.  I'm inspired!

I also loved how Kate seemed to say on the balcony "oh wow" when she saw the crowd.  Then 2 kisses!  The crowd control was very impressive.  The weather seemed to be just right.  All in all I think it went beautifully for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  Best wishes for a long and happy marriage!


  1. Great post Cynthia. You would have made an excellent news correspondent. Shame we couldn't have sent you off to report on the wedding. I too enjoyed watching it very much. Also the two kisses on the balcony. They do so look like a happy couple. I wish them all the happiness marriage can offer.



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