Friday, September 2, 2011

Book Review: The Sewing Machine Attachment Handbook

Talking about sewing machine attachments is not the most exciting of topics.  Necessary and helpful, but not exciting.  Charlene Phillips does a great job of it, however, in her book "The Sewing Machine Attachment Handbook".  She starts out with a brief history, choosing a machine and then attachments and how to use them.  Lots of color pictures and tips in the 140 pages.  I know I don't use all my attachments to their fullest so I'm hoping this book will help me.  If you own an older machine, Charlene's book will be especially helpful.  She includes how to use a buttonholer.  I found this antique box of machine attachments and this handbook explains how to use them with my Singer Featherweight from 1950.  In case you were wondering- the black circle in the lower left corner above- its a stocking darner!

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