Friday, September 30, 2011

A New Lampshade

 My lampshade on my bedside table was old and gross and falling apart.  It was bringing me down every morning to wake up and look at it.  So I thought, I'll just rip the fabric off and recover it.  I ripped and the whole thing fell apart!  Apparently it was stiff fabric with no metal frame.  My husband came to the rescue and made a frame from wood slats.  I had this piece of embroidered linen left over from  this lined tote bag.   I basically just hot glued it to the wood frame.
I especially love it turned on!  Now I smile every morning (once I can pry my eyes open) when I see my new lamp shade!


  1. I love your new lamp shade! I'd leave the light on all the time.

  2. Thank you! It makes me happy to look at it!


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