Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hanging Shoe Storage

A shoe storage solution was way over due when I decided to sew a new one.  This is my old one that I made 22 years ago from leftover fabric.  I think I randomly chose the size because it holds 4 1/2 pairs of shoes.  4 1/2 !?
The new and improved version holds 8 pairs of shoes.  The back and front is a cotton print and the pockets are a brown upholstery fabric.  This coordinates with the dark wood and blue/green quilt and curtains.

The whole thing hangs from a wooden dowel.  It is so nice to have my shoes off the floor.  Easier to sweep now and I'm not tripping over or stepping on them any more.  My husband's reaction was "you have a lot of shoes!".  Oh no.  I also noticed that I have very boring shoes- 3 pairs of black, 3 pairs of brown, and 3 sneakers.  I think Stacy and Clinton of What Not to Wear would have a lot to say about that!


  1. Just wanted to say hello and thank you - just downloaded your free bag pattern at PatternSpot! THANK YOU!!

  2. You're welcome Laurie! Thanks for visiting!


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