Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Harriet Hargrave

I went to an excellent talk by Harriet Hargrave sponsored by my local American Sewing Guild.  It was a 2 day workshop but I was only able to attend the first day.  I learned so much though!  Harriet has written many books about heirloom machine quilting.  One thing she stresses (and I agree) is to always make a sample block first.  Try out your thread, needle and pattern etc. first, then only when you have all the elements right, start the project.  It saves so much time and fabric later.  She covered setting up your sewing table (correct height etc.), correct thread, getting tension adjusted etc.  It was interesting to hear her take on quilters as opposed to piecers.  Quilters plan the design of a quilt with an eye for where the quilting will be shown to its best advantage.  People who prefer piecing- the quilting design takes a backseat.  Heirloom quilting is all about texture.  Harriet stressed the idea that "the more mediocre quilting you do, the better your quilt looks.  The less mediocre quilting you do, the more mediocre your quilt looks."  So if you don't think you are great at it (and who is starting out anyway?), then cover all the space with quilting and your mistakes won't be as noticeable!  She had examples illustrating this too.  Wonderful speaker to listen to, if you get the chance, see Harriet Hargrave in person. 

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